Semi-automatic Sealing Filling Two Position Welding Machine

semi-automatic sealing filling two position welding machine Product description Ultrasonic Tube Sealing machine adopts movable line, using ultrasonic principle the tail sealing the hose, composite pipe, good stability, high efficiency, dynamic components are well-known brands. After I carefully...

semi-automatic sealing filling two position welding machine

Product description

Ultrasonic sealing machine adopts active line and adopts ultrasonic principle to seal the tail of hose and composite pipe. It has good stability and high efficiency. The dynamic components are all well-known brands.

After meticulous design, I took the lead in developing advanced ultrasonic products, leading the domestic counterparts. The chassis of the machine is improved on the basis of the original sealing machine made of 304 stainless steel, and the sealing and cutting functions are added. Therefore, this part of the machine can not only meet the harsh working environment, but also meet the requirements of corrosive products. Sealing requirements (seal and automatically cut off excess edges at the same time) function.

This machine is suitable for sealing various hoses of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, food, industrial supplies, etc. The date code can be printed and cut when the tube is sealed.

Suitable for sealing of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine, food, industrial products and other hoses.

The telescopic mechanism of the machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

main features

1. Tube sealing machinery has two dimensional adjustment of work piece platform, it is easy to operate.

2. Tube sealing machinery adopts Taiwan cassette mechanism and circuit Lines, using famous brand of Ultrasonic parts.

3. Overload protection, phase separation protection, power-fail protection.

4. Large Ultrasonic Out put power to ensure the sealing quality of various specifications of tube.

5. Tube sealing machinery can sealing soft tube also can printing date and cutting.

main parameter


220V 3P 50/60Hz

Output Power




Sealing Diameter


Sealing Height


Machine Dimension


Machine Weight




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