Plastic Laminated Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Plastic Laminated Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

This machine is a high-tech product which successfully developed and designed by adopting advanced technology from abroad and strictly meet GMP requirement. PLC controller and color touch screen are applied and made it possible for programmable control of the machine. It can perform the filling...

This machine is a high-tech product successfully developed and designed with foreign advanced technology, which strictly meets GMP requirements. The PLC controller and color touch screen are applied, and the machine can be programmed to control. It can be automatically filled with ointment, jelly or viscous material, tail folded, batch number embossing (including production date). It is an ideal equipment for filling and sealing plastic tubes and laminated tubes in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and adhesive industries.


Configuration Standard

Technical Parameters



Main Machine Landing Area

(about) 2m2

Working Area


Water Chiller Landing Area


Working Area


Whole Machine (L×W×H)


Integrated Structure

Union mode



Machine case body

Case Body Material


Opening Mode of Safety Guard

Handle Door

Safety Guard Material

Organic Glass

Frame Below Platform

Stainless Steel

Case Body Shape


Power, Main Motor etc.

Power Supply

50Hz/380V 3P

Main Motor


Hot Air Generator


Water Chiller


Jacket barrel heating power

2 KW

Optional Additional cost

Jacket barrel blending power

0.18 KW

Optional Additional cost

Production Capacity

Operation Speed


Filling Range

Plastic/laminated tube 5-250ml

Suitable Tube Length

Plastic/laminated tube 50-210mm

Pipe length more than 210mm should customize

Suitable Tube Diameter

Plastic/laminated tube 13-50mm

1. Material contact parts made of stainless steel SUS304 is optional.

2. All kinds of connections adopt quick-change devices, which are easy to disassemble and clean;

3. High-quality pneumatic components

4. The height of the conveyor table can be easily adjusted by the hand wheel to adapt to different pipes

5. The pistol plunger filling system is processed by a CNC lathe, ensuring a high filling accuracy of 1%. The volume is adjustable.

6. The filling speed can be adjusted freely

7. The production counter can be displayed on the control cabinet

8. Internal heating and external heating technology, the sealing is stable and beautiful.

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