Glue Hose Sealing Machine

glue hose sealing machine Product description This plastic tube fillling and sealing machines is mainly used in cosmestic, chemical, and Pharmaceutical industry. with easy operation and wonderful working performance, it has become our best seller in filling and sealing machines. especially...

glue hose sealing machine

Product description

This plastic tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used in cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It has easy operation and excellent working performance, and has become our best-selling product for filling and sealing machines. Especially suitable for cleanser, hand cream, BB cream, toothpaste, etc. We have semi-automatic and fully automatic types, so whether you are a large manufacturer or a small factory, there is always a machine of your type waiting for you.

working principle

This automatic filling seal is made of stainless steel and is controlled by a button during work. By manually feeding the plastic tube, 8-16 worktables can be automatically rotated to realize batch filling, automatic cutting, heat sealing and other processes until the final product comes out. The whole process is fully controlled by the full stroke of the cylinder, which is convenient to adjust the feeding amount and feeding speed.

main features

1. Suitable for filling, sealing, coding and cutting of plastic or composite hoses, with beautiful and stable sealing effect and high precision.

2. The driving part is enclosed under the platform, which is safer and pollution-free

3. The filling and sealing part is installed above the semi-enclosed platform, and there is no static frame in the visual mask, which is easy to observe, operate and maintain

4. The photoelectric switch on the standard workstation has a high-precision probe, and the pattern of the stepper motor control hose is in the correct position

5. After injection, the blowing device blows away the tail, if there is no tube, it will not be filled

main parameter


Stainless steel


30-50pcs /min

Filling range


Filling error


Motor power


Heating power


Working pressure