Composite Hose Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Composite hose tube filling and sealing machine Product description Automatic hose tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling all kinds of pty and viscous fluid and the materials alike,into pltic and composite metal tubes and then internally heating tubes,sealing and printing lot...

Composite hose tube filling and sealing machine

Product description

The automatic tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling various rare and viscous liquids and similar materials into plastic and composite metal pipes, and then heating the pipes inside, sealing and printing batch numbers. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry, food, cosmetics and advanced chemicals.

main features

1. Adopting Taiwan E touch screen and Delta PLC control system, the machine is convenient, visual, reliable non-touch operation, compact design and automatic pipe feeding function. The drive section is completely closed.

2. Automatic feeding, automatic feeding, marking and identification, hot air sealing, code printing, trimming, and discharging. Pneumatic, accurate and reliable.

3. Automatic correction due to the influence of photoelectric inductor, just adjust and disassemble.

4. Intelligent temperature control and cooling system make operation and sealing reliable. Easy to adjust, suitable for filling a variety of hoses.

5. The contact material of the parts is 316L stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic and meets CMP requirements;

6. With a safety device, the machine will shut down when the door is opened, and the filling will only be carried out when the tube is fed.

7. Fully automatic control system, feeding tube cleaning, mark recognition, filling, hot air sealing, coding and trimming, and tube ejection.

8. Pneumatic method is adopted for cleaning and feeding, which is accurate and reliable.

9. Uto entanglement is affected by photoinductance.


main parameter

Filling volume


Filling accuracy



1800-2400(tubes/h Adjustable)

Tube diameter


Tube length

210mm (Max. Length)

Hopper volume

40 L



Air pressure


Equipped motor

1.1 Kw

Air feeding




Hot air



1900×850×1900mm  LxWxH


(Approx) 750kgs

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