Automatic Suppository Pipe Filling And Sealing Machine

Automatic suppository pipe filling and sealing machine Product description Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine are smoothness of operation, easy cleaning, easy size change over and simple maintenance procedures. These combined with wearing property and the highest safety guarantee make...

Automatic suppository pipe filling and sealing machine

Product description

The automatic tube filling and sealing machine is stable in operation, easy to clean, easy to change size and easy to maintain. These combined with abrasion resistance and highest safety make it an excellent machine.

This product is a high-speed machine and is also suitable for filling many types of materials. For materials that are not easy to fill, such as food in large tubes, ointment in small tubes, this machine can provide satisfactory filling and sealing quality.

main parameter


Suppository Tube Fill and Seal Equipment Plastic Soft Hose Filling Sealing Machine


Hot Air Sealing

Voltage of Compressed Air

40 to 60 m³/h

Max KW



380V 50HZ


120 to 150 Tubes/Min

Filling Precision


Water Consumption


Filling Volume

1.5 to 300 ML

Tube Diameter

10 to 50mm

Tube Length

50 to 200mm

Average KW



Designed to meet the validation standards of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Designed for the unique package designs of the Cosmetic & Personal Care industry.

Designed for the Adhesives, Sealants, Chemical and Grease industries.

main features

•Fully Automatic Tube Filling & Closing

•Metal, Plastic or Laminate Tubes

•Hot Air Sealing Technology

•Custom Profile Seal & Trim Available

•Unit Dose Filling

•Service and On-Line Support via Ethernet/Modem

•Vertical Bottom Up Filling

•Swirl Filling & Custom Fill Profiles

•Optional Sanitary Fill Station

•Clean Room Installations

•Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Sealants & Adhesives, Grease & Food Products

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