Semi Automatic Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

Semi Automatic Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

Description Semi-automatic capsule counting machine has the small volume, light weight, little voice, correct count, convenient operation, simple maintain. medicine contact part material adopt stainless steel to make sure the clean packing product, and accord to GMP standard. This machine is a...


The semi-automatic capsule counting machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, low sound, accurate counting, convenient operation and simple maintenance. 

The material of the drug contact parts is made of stainless steel to ensure the cleanliness of the packaged products and comply with GMP standards. 

This machine is a professional machine for counting, bottling, and packaging into capsules, tablets, and granules.


Applicable bottle type

round, square plastic bottle

Filling in as:

00 ~ 5 # capsule, soft capsule, 

Production capacity:

10~ 30 bottles/minute

Setting range of bottle quantity:


Power supply and power:

AC220V 50Hz




0.6 Mpa

Overall dimension:

1050 * 700 *700mm




1. The number of particles can be set arbitrarily from 0-9999. 2. Vibrating feeding and rotary cutting design, the feeding speed can be adjusted infinitely for manual bottle placement. 3. The inside of the machine is equipped with a dust suction channel, which can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust. 4. Photoelectric sensing technology, the particle precision is over 99.7%. 5. No need to change the mold, the tablets and capsules can be adjusted at will. 6. GMP compliant.

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