8 Passageway Soft Capsule Counting Machine

8 Passageway Soft Capsule Counting Machine

Description This counting machine is small in size, light weight, low noise, counting accuracy, simple operation, simple maintenance.Drug contact parts made of stainless steel to ensure the packaging items clean, in line with the GMP requirements;Is for capsule, tablet, granule such as drugs or...


The counting machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise, high counting accuracy, simple operation and simple maintenance. 

The drug contact parts are made of stainless steel to ensure that the packaging items are clean and meet GMP requirements; it is an ideal special equipment for counting, bottling, and bagging of capsules, tablets, medicines or food particles. 

It uses electromagnetic vibration numbering, the medicine bottle does not rotate around the spool during the opening time of the feed port, the feed port bottle is placed, and the motor drive number plate rotates to automatically feed the drug; the counting machine provides convenient and fast replacement of different specifications without other Adjustment. 

This machine is the smallest, advanced technology, beautiful and affordable counting bottling and bagging equipment among domestic counting machines.





capsule counting machine


000-5# capsules, soft gels, tablets,pills softgel capsule 


10~10-20 bottles/min 

NO. of hold on counting board

100pcs(can be customized )



Filling error

≤ 1‰ 

Power supply

AC220V  80W

Net Weight


The range of counting

1-100 pcs/batch



1. The vibration of the different design: less noise 20 decibels (minimum number of capsules), vibration effect is better!

2. Improved the slope of hopper, no longer rely on the damper to block unwanted medicines, solved with baffle block easily card drugs shortcomings. 

3. Added some depth to the hopper, hopper can put more raw material! 

4. Unique design, operators can convenient observation to confirm the accuracy of the number of grains! 

5. Bottling speed faster, the fastest can be up to 36 bottles/minutes! 

6. High degree of finish of several holes, more beautiful, feed faster, number of grain of accuracy and better! 

7. The whole design more beautiful!Adopts 304 stainless steel, including hopper, hopper bottom plate is 304 stainless steel material, is the only one hopper bottom plate is adopted 304 stainless steel manufacturers.

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