Automated Pellet Number Counting Machine

Automated Pellet Number Counting Machine

once start with one bottle and automatically to count the next when finished,easy to pick up and put down the bottle by hand.


1. The number of counting particles can be arbitrarily set between 0~9999.

2. The stainless steel material of the whole machine complies with GMP standard.

3. Easy to operate, no special training is required.

4. With a special electric eye protection device, it can accurately calculate the number of particles.

5. Rotation counting design, fast and smooth operation.

6. A dust collector is installed inside the machine to avoid the influence of dust on the machine.

7. Vibration feeding design, can steplessly adjust the vibration frequency of the pellet hopper according to the needs of medical pill output.

Machine Technical Data


1.        Filled   capsule(00-5#)

2.        Soft   Gelatin capsule

3.        chewing   gum

4.        tablet

5.        other   solid object under machine range




1000-1800   tablets per minute

Net   weight


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