Semi Automatic Electronic Tablet And Capsule Counting Machine

Semi Automatic Electronic Tablet And Capsule Counting Machine

This machine adopts the electronic counting technology of high dust resistance. Tablets (including heteromorphic),soft and hard capsules, (transparent and opaque in various shapes) pills and other solid particles in sizes ranging from 3-22 mm can be counted and divided. Can be bottled, boxed, bagged.

Operating principle

This machine adopts high dustproof electronic counting technology. Tablets (including special-shaped tablets), soft capsules and hard capsules (transparent and opaque) pills and other solid particles can be counted and divided. The size range is 3-22 mm. It can be bottled, boxed or bagged. It is in full compliance with GMP requirements, and is especially suitable for scientific research institutions, hospitals, new small pharmaceutical factories, and health care products factories.

Machine parameters


Bottle type

10-500ml Round bottle、Square plastic bottle


Filling object

00~5# capsules、soft capsules、Φ5.5~20 Plain, exotic, sugar-coated

Φ3~12 pills


Production capacity


(Related to bottle specifications, loading capacity and drug   specifications.)


Set the bottle range



current and power

AC220V 50HZ 0.15KW



NO Less than 99.5%







Main  feature

(1) Strong compatibility, high precision, wide application range, tablet PC

(Including shaped), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque) pills can be counted and bottled.

(2) Strong applicability, using our company's dust-proof photoelectric sensor technology, it can work stably under high dust conditions.

(3) Vibration feeding, unique patented trigger component technology will not damage the medicine.

(4) High degree of intelligence, no bottle, fault self-checking and other detection alarm control functions.

(5) Small footprint and low cost of use.

(6) It is convenient to change varieties, and no tools are needed for disassembly and assembly gap, which is convenient and quick.

(7) Compact structure, no expensive consumables, and low maintenance cost.

(8) The man-machine interface control panel (touch screen) is used to control the original imported chip.

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