Desktop Electronic Counter

SED-4Z Desktop Electronic Counter Product description Artificial place the empty bottle on the bottle feeding position. Drugs through the corrugated plate vibration, orderly into drug storehouse. And the drug storehouse is equipped with photoelectric sensors,the drug fall into the drug...

SED-4Z Desktop Electronic Counter

Product description

Manually place the empty bottle in the bottle feeding position. Drugs enter the drug storage in an orderly manner through the vibration of the corrugated board. The drug storehouse is equipped with a photoelectric sensor, and the medicines falling into the drug storehouse are quantitatively counted and put into the bottle by the photoelectric sensor. Manually remove the finished bottles and then fill the empty bottles.





10~30 BPM (subject to the type and size of the bottle,as well as the quantity filled per bottle)

Working Range


Power supply and consumption

220V/50HZ 0.6kw



filling error

≤ 2‰ bottles



Control System


Pressed Air Supply

0.6 Mpa



main features

1. A wide range of applications, used in tablets (including unconventional tablets), capsules, and gels

(Including abnormal gel, transparent gel and opaque gel) pills and most solid particles.

2. High applicability, using our own original high dust-proof sensor technology, the machine runs accurately and has good stability under heavy dust conditions

3. Vibration feeding, special patented filling part, uniform feeding, no material breakage

4. The special structure of the hopper mouth prevents material clogging, and small-mouth bottles can be bottled quickly. (Optional)

5. Highly automated, no bottles will not be counted and filled. Auto delete

Bottling abnormalities and fragments of a certain size. Self-diagnose the error and stop working to alert the error.

6. Easy to replace products, no need to disassemble any tools, convenient and fast

7. The touch screen control panel can store ten sets of product parameters for easy adjustment and use

8. Microchip chips come from the United States, and optoelectronic components are produced in Taiwan, which are stable and durable

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