Electronic counting machines

Electronic counting machines

Electronic counting machines are our company's star products, which is a stable reliable electronic products that was successfully developed through repeated experiment after a long time research. Its core part and control system adopt imported original accessories.


The electronic counting machine is the star product of our company. It is a stable and reliable electronic product successfully developed after long-term research and repeated experiments.

The core part and control system adopt imported original parts. It is mainly composed of hopper, vibration transmission, photoelectric sensor, dust box, man-machine interface and other structures.

Main features Wide range of application. Suitable for tablets (including unconventional tablets), capsules, gels (including unconventional gels, transparent gels and opaque gels), pills and most solid particles

Dust-proof using our own original high-dust sensor technology, the machine can work accurately and stably under heavy dust conditions

Avoid blockage of the hopper mouth of the special structure of the hopper, prevent material blockage, small mouth bottles can be bottled quickly

Main Technical Data:

Model Name



1.        Filled   capsule(00-5#)

2.        Soft Gelatin   capsule

3.        chewing gum

4.        tablet(≤22mm)

5.        other solid   object under machine range

Hopper Volume



40-150bottles(80-100   pcs/bottle)/min

Filling   Quantity

2-9999pcs/bottle   (adjustable)

Bottle Size

Diameter:   30-75mm


Power supply

220V 50Hz(Can   be customized)

Compressed air


Machine Weight


Machine Size L   × W × H (mm)


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