Medicine Capsule Bottling Counting Machine Pill Counting Machine For Pharmacy

SED-8S Automatic Electronic counting machine is special for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule and chewing gums, etc. This machine adopts 8 sets imported counting sensor for counting with 8 Guiding Way and two head. The advantage of the machine is no need change mold when you change the counting object, only adjusting the counting table height by Easy Adjust wheel. The machine comes with Touch screen operation and PLC Control for convenient running.

SED-8S automatic electronic counting machine, used for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsules, chewing gum, etc. The machine uses 8 imported counting sensors with 8 guide paths and two-end counting. 

The advantage of this machine is that there is no need to change the mold when changing the counting object, just adjust the height of the counting table through the Easy Adjust wheel. The machine is equipped with touch screen operation and PLC control for easy operation.

Capacity (pcs/h)120000pcs/h
Weight (KG)120
Hopper Volume20L
Filling Quantity2-9999pcs/bottle (adjustable)
Compressed air0.5Mpa
Machine Weight120kg
Machine Size660*1280*780mm

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