8 Passageway Drugs Capsule Counting Machine

8 Passageway Drugs Capsule Counting Machine

description The equipment is patent capsule intelligent high precision automatic capsule capsule counting machine, model counting device can automatically achieve any number (odd, even, a precise number of tablets) bottle filling work. The structure of small size low noise and smooth operation,...


This equipment is a patented intelligent capsule intelligent high-precision automatic capsule counting machine. The type counting device can automatically complete any number of bottles (odd, even, and precise number of tablets). 

The structure is small in size, low in noise and stable in operation. It is an ideal automatic grain filling equipment for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, health care products factories, and hospital preparation rooms.


1) Vertical track compensation counting (patented technology), the accuracy of the number of crystal grains can reach 99.9%, avoiding the accuracy error caused by the large amount of errors in the traditional vibration or rotation. 

2) Vertical track compensation counting (patented technology) to realize the number of filled capsules and quickly set all numbers in the same type of capsules without changing the mold, which is very fast and convenient. 

3) The host adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the soft start speed regulation is sensitive, reliable, stable, and can withstand larger starting torque. 

4) The bottle conveyor is a conveyor belt type, reserved for the customer's later connection interface, can quickly connect to auxiliary equipment (bottle machine, capping machine, etc.) 

5) Using the touch screen to control the man-machine interface PLC programmable controller technology can quickly set various parameters.

6) The light control technology automatically detects that there is no bottle or the bottle will automatically alarm to minimize the waste of capsules. 

7) All molds are designed with cylindrical pin positioning. It only takes 5 minutes to replace the molds and install them in place, which is convenient and quick. 

8) According to the GMP standard, 304 stainless steel is used for the contact part of the medicine.


Mould Changing Time

5 mins

Working Capaticy

20,000--40,000 capsules/hour

Counting Accuracy


Suitable Capsule Size

000#, 00L#, 00#, 0L#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#

 Bottle Diameter


Power Supply

220V 50HZ 1.2kw

Compressed Air

0.03 m³/min 0.7Mpa

Overall Dimension


Machine Weight


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