Electronic Soft Capsule Counting Machine

Electronic Soft Capsule Counting Machine

description counts grain through 8 strips of channel, medicament can lay off through passing two classes automatically, falling medicines is uniform and counting tablets is precise, being suitable for all kinds of single bottle filling quantity and tablet type, changing variety without replacing...


Grains are counted through 8 channels, the medicine can be automatically laid off in two stages, the medicine is uniformly dropped and the counting of tablets is accurate, suitable for various single bottled medicines and tablet types, and the variety can be changed without changing any molds.

 It adopts the sensitive technology of Omron PLC control and CCD, its recognition rate is high, the response speed is fast, and the operation is stepless speed regulation. The operation is very convenient; the control system adopts the man-machine interface touch screen control. 

Adopt international famous brand photoelectric control system to control the shortage of bottles, and automatically stop when the bottle is blocked, which is stable and reliable. The materials in contact with the drug meet the requirements of GMP.

The machine is suitable for counting and filling tablets or capsules in the pharmaceutical or food industry.


Capacity 3000-6000 grains/min Based on 20-999 grain/bottle

Bottleneck size≥25mm
Bottle size35-60mm
Medicament sizetablet≥7mm;
hard capsule0#,1#,2#,3#,4# and soft capsule
Motor power500W,220V,50-60HZ 1 phase
Working directionleft--àright (or right - left)
Weight600 kg
Overall size1800×1540×1600 mm


Speed up to 60 cpm based on 100-count per bottle with vibration system.

Counting precision: ≤1‰

Working stable and low noise.

Working continually, change bottle no stop.

Bottle convey smoothly with dual track conveyor.

Full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable.

Applied to all kinds of specification, shape grain tablet package.

Intellectual design, there are automatic test system, failure clue. Alarm. Stop machine function, operate freely. Safety and reliable.

Simple straight forward operator controls.

Stainless frame.

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