Capsule Counting Machine Filling

Capsule Counting Machine Filling

description 1.ORSP-8 electronic capsule/tablet/ soft gel/small parts counting machine, using advanced high dust resistance electronic counting technology.Count and separate tablets (including shaped tablets), hard capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque in various shapes) pellets and...



1. ORSP-8 electronic capsule/tablet/soft gel/small parts counting machine adopts advanced high dust-proof electronic counting technology, which is suitable for tablets (including stereotypes), hard capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque) Kinds of shapes) to count and separate particles and other solid particles, the size range is 3 to 12 mm. 

2. Counting items can be bottled, boxed and bagged. 

3. Fully meet GMP requirements, especially suitable for scientific research institutions, hospitals, new small pharmaceutical factories, and health care products factories.



capsule counting machine



Applicable target

#00-5 capsule, soft capsule, Ø 5.5-20 tablet,shaped,sugarcoated tablet and Ø3-20 pill

Applicable bottle type

10-500ml round, square bottle

Accuracy rate


Power  Voltage

220V/380V 50Hz,0.6kw






1 year


1. Strong compatibility, can count and bottle (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque), pills and other solid preparations or solid particles; 

2. Vibration blanking: 8 channels uniform blanking, Blanking does not hurt the medicine; 

3. High dustproof: adopts unique high dustproof photoelectric sensor technology, which can work stably even under high dust conditions; 

4. Accurate counting: photoelectric sensor automatically counts, and the bottling error is smaller than the national Standard; 

5. Leakage of the entire special structure can prevent drug blockage, and small-mouth medicine bottles can also be bottled quickly (optional); 

6. High intelligence, with multiple detection and alarm control functions, such as no bottles, fault self-check 

7. Support function: the photoelectric sensor automatically detects the leaking bottle and automatically shuts down; 

8. Simple operation: adopts intelligent design to set various operating parameters as required; 

9. Easy to maintain: operators only need simple operation training Easily disassemble, clean and replace parts without any tools; 

10. Good sealing and dustproof: equipped with dust box to reduce dust pollution

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