Electronic PLC Control Tablet Counting Machine

Electronic PLC Control Tablet Counting Machine

description for BP:AY4000 Electronic PLC control tablet counting machine for pharmaceutical factory The machine delivers medicine smoothly and evenly in three classes of bibration. It adopts the most advanced international CCD sensitive technology, which has high resolution to make up for the...



Suitable for BP: AY4000 pharmaceutical factory electronic PLC control tablet counting machine

The machine delivers drugs smoothly and evenly through three types of shunting. It adopts the most advanced CCD photosensitive technology in the world and has high resolution to make up for the shortcomings of ordinary photoelectric used by many domestic manufacturers. 

CCD can offset the dust accumulated on the fluorescent screen and automatically adjust the working status to ensure the accuracy of counting. Its air storage and pressure regulator unit ensure the reliability and stability of pneumatic components. The machine also has a self-diagnostic system that can monitor the entire operation process to ensure the correctness of the count. 

The equipment runs reliably. It is easy to change the drug specifications. Various medical parameters can be stored in the machine's control system. Its compatible and user-friendly interface is conducive to the perfect mastery of the operator. The machine meets GMP requirements



Suitable bottles

Round square


0 capsule

Suitable bottles

Round square


0 capsule





Power and voltage

AC220V 50Hz 0.8kw








v It has strong compatibility and can count and bottle solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets (including shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills

v vibration feeding capsules: The 12-tunnel vibration is evenly cut, and the special patented flap-packing mechanism is unloaded and evenly discharged without damaging the medicine;

v Dust-proof: adopts high dust-proof photoelectric sensor technology, which can work stably under the condition of high dust;

v Accurate counting: photoelectric sensor automatically counts, bottling error is less than national standards;

v The special structure of the filling nozzle can prevent the drug from being blocked, and the small bottle with the bottle mouth can also be quickly bottled (optional);

v High intelligence, with no bottle no counting, detection alarm control functions;

v Function matching: automatic detection of lack of bottle photoelectric sensor, automatic shutdown;

v Simple operation: intelligent design, various operating parameters are set as needed, and 10 sets of setting parameters can be stored;

v Easy maintenance: the operator can operate with simple training, and it is simple and convenient to disassemble, clean and replace parts without tools;

v Sealed and dust-proof: Configure the dust box to reduce dust pollution (optional).

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