The Electronic Bottles Counting Machine

The Electronic Bottles Counting Machine

Characteristics 1.Strong compatibility: The electronic counting machine can count bottles and various kinds of solid preparation or solid granules including tablets, heteroideus tablets, capsules, soft capsules (both transparent and non-transparent), pills etc. 2.Vibration cutting: 12 channel...


1. Strong compatibility: The electronic counting machine can count bottles and various solid preparations or solid particles, including tablets, iso-cereals, capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque), pills, etc. 

2.Vibration cutting: 12-channel vibrator under homogeneous materials, a unique patented mechanism can stabilize the output without causing damage. 

3. Dust-proof: The capsule counting machine adopts the dust-proof photoelectric sensor technology developed exclusively by Tianjiu, which can work stably even under high dust conditions. The dust box can reduce dust pollution. (Optional)

4. Counting is correct: the automatic photoelectric sensor is adopted, and the counting error far exceeds the national standard. The photoelectric sensor can automatically check whether there is no bottle and stop automatically. The special structure of the filling nozzle can prevent the material from being blocked. Even small bottles can be filled quickly. (Optional) 

5. High intelligence: a variety of alarm and control functions, such as no bottles do not count, self-check, automatically exclude abnormal bottles and tablets;

6. Easy to operate: the electronic counting machine adopts an intelligent design. Various operating data can be set freely. It can store 10 groups of parameters for use. 

7. Easy maintenance: After simple training, the capsule counting machine can be operated easily. It is easy to disassemble, clean and replace components without any additional tools.

Bottles Counting Machine

Bottles Counting Machine




Applicable bottle shape

10-500ml round,square plastic bottle

Filling material

Φ0~5#capsule,soft capsule,Φ5.5~20compressed tablet,special-shaped tablet,sugarcoated tablet,Φ3~12pill

Production capacity

20~30 bottles per minute(It depends on the bottle size,filling quantity and the tablet size)

The setting range of bottling volume


Power supply

AC220V 50Hz 0.6kw

Accuracy rate

99.5%(better than the industrial standard )

Air pressure


Overall dimension




Bottles Counting Machine

Bottles Counting Machine

Bottles Counting Machine

Bottles Counting Machine

Bottles Counting Machine

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