Automatic Medicine Capsule Counting Machine

Automatic Medicine Capsule Counting Machine

description Bottle mechanism: the bottle stopper on the bottle feeding track will stop the bottles from the previous equipment in the filling position and wait for filling. The medicine enters the medicine storehouse orderly by the vibration of the corrugated plate. A counting photoelectric...


Bottling mechanism: The stopper on the bottling track will stop the bottles in the previous equipment at the bottling position and wait for bottling. The medicines enter the medicine warehouse orderly through the vibration of the corrugated board. A counting photoelectric sensor is installed on the medicine library. After quantitative counting is performed by the photoelectric counting sensor, the medicines that fall into the medicine library are loaded into bottles at the bottling position.


Applicable bottle

round, square plastic bottle

Filling objects

00 ~ 5 # capsule, soft capsule, 5.5 ~ 20 Φ tablet, special-shaped pieces, sugar pill, Φ 3 ~ 20 pills

Production capacity

20-90 bottles/min (related to bottle size, loading capacity and drug size)

Bottled volume setting range

1 -- 9999


AC220V 50Hz 1.5kw


99.5% (better than industry standard)

Air Source

0.6 Mpa

Overall dimensions





(1) strong compatibility, it can count and bottle tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills and other solid preparations or solid particles; (2) vibration blanking: 24 channel vibration even blanking, special patent flip plate packaging mechanism blanking, discharging uniform and stable, no damage to the drug; (3) anti-high dust: the companys original anti-high dust photoelectric sensing technology can work stably in the case of high dust; (4) accurate counting: photoelectric sensor automatic counting, bottling error is less than the national standard; (5) special structure of leakage, can prevent plugging, small bottle bottle can also quickly bottling (optional); (6) high degree of intelligence, with no bottle no number, fault self-test and other detection alarm control functions; (7) supporting functions: automatic detection of missing bottle photoelectric sensor, automatic shutdown; (8) simple operation: intelligent design is adopted, and various operating parameters are set as required; (9) easy maintenance: operators only need simple training to operate, disassembly, cleaning, replacement parts is simple and convenient, do not need tools; (10) sealing and dustproof: dust removal box is equipped to reduce dust pollution (optional).

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