Linear Bottle Unscrambler

Description Used for bottle regularly into single line arrangement, continuous conveying to the continuity of the special equipment for bottle device. According to the production capacity of special equipment for stepless speed regulation, and make it match on production capacity, the equipment...


It is regularly used for bottling into a single line arrangement and continuously transported to continuous bottling equipment.

 According to the production capacity of the special equipment for stepless speed regulation, and to match it with the production capacity, the equipment is reliable and aesthetically pleasing, and it runs stably.

MaterialSS 304
Applicable bottle shape10~750ml bottle (Can be customizable )
Power supply AC220V 50Hz 0.1kw
Capacity60-80 bottles/min (The size of bottle decide on capacity )
Net weight90Kg


1) Strong compatibility: Suitable for round, square and flat bottles of various materials, especially for larger bottles. 

2) It is convenient to change the variety: no need to change the accessories when changing the bottle, as long as the simple adjustment.

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