Empty Bottle Round Table Bottle Unscrambler

Empty Bottle Round Table Bottle Unscrambler

Description The main function of this machine is putting the pellmell plastic and glass bottles in order on the conveying belt to comply with the requirement of being hily automatic. It is an indispensable equipment for hi-speed production. It can largely reduce the cost of human resources and...


The main function of the bottle descrambler is to put pellmell plastic and glass bottles on the conveyor belt to meet the requirements of fully automatic operation.

 It is an essential equipment for high-speed production. It can greatly reduce human resource costs and human losses.




Turntable diameter


body of the bottle

Ø20~Ø100 mm

heit of the bottle

30~200 mm


AC 220 V,50~60 Hz

total power

0.2 kw


10 r/min


1.It is composed of the rotating disc and exit for bottles;

 2. The semi-automatic operation is simple, needing no special training;

 3. There is no need to adjust when replacing articles.

 4. Stepless speed regulation,it is very stable.

 5. Panasonic stepless speed regulation device and a speed regulating motor.

 6. The main material is AISI 304 stainless steel in accordance with the GMP standard, and it can be changed flexibly.

7. It can be linked with the whole line.

 8. It can automatically unscramble or block the bottles according to the production situations.

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