Plastic Bottles Low Speed Bottle Unscrambler

The motor runs by the gear then it makes the neatening flower plate work. The bottles in the bottle container rotate from the under part to the upper part of the bottle neatening plate by the semicircle groove of the bottle neatening flower plate. The bottles in the semicircle groove neaten by...

The motor runs through gears and then makes the finishing faceplate work. The bottles in the bottle container are rotated from the lower part of the bottle cleaning plate to the upper part through the semicircular groove of the bottle cleaning flower plate. 

The bottles in the semi-circular grooves are sorted by the bottle turnover plate of the bottle cleaning system. It can automatically flip upside down bottles. The speed between the material sorting box and the bottle sorting box can be adjusted to ensure that a certain number of bottles are kept in the material sorting box.



Applicable bottle shape

Plastic round bottle

Production capacity

30~120 bottles per minute

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz



Overall dimension






(1) This machine is electromechanical integration equipment, convenient operation, simple maintenance, reliable running. 

(2) With a bottle of quantitative detection and control excessive overload protection device. 

(3) Frame and material barrel is made of high quality stainless steel material, beautiful appearance, in line with the GMP requirements. 

(4) Don't need to use air bottle blowing, the use of automatic bottle body, and is equipped with a set bottle device, greatly improve production efficiency.


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