Glass Bottles Low Speed Bottle Unscrambler

Glass Bottles Low Speed Bottle Unscrambler

description: This machine is used for loading and oriented supply of round/square plastic containers to the automatic line . Compact design with enclosed built -in hopper and disc sorter for noise elimination and space saving . The machine can guarantee every bottle are discharged upright and...


This machine is used to load and orient supply round/square plastic containers to automatic production lines. The compact design, with a closed built-in hopper and disc sorter, can eliminate noise and save space. 

The machine can ensure that each bottle is discharged upright and is correctly arranged on the conveyor belt through the sensor system. 304 stainless steel frame and transparent shell panel. 

Containers of different sizes relatively determine different disc sorters, and it is easy to replace the disc sorters of containers of different sizes within 5 minutes. 

It is easy to disassemble and can be cleaned with minimal parts. Siemens HMI touch screen control. Rejection system for bad products-bottle mouth down.



120 Bottle/Min( Depend on bottle size)

Size ofContainer


Suitable container

Round / square plastic containers


AC220V , Single Phase,50/60Hz



Air Consumption/ Air Pressure








(1) This machine is electromechanical integration equipment, convenient operation, simple maintenance, reliable running. (2) With a bottle of quantitative detection and control excessive overload protection device. (3) Frame and material barrel is made of high quality stainless steel material, beautiful appearance, in line with the GMP requirements. (4) Dont need to use air bottle blowing, the use of automatic bottle body, and is equipped with a set bottle device, greatly improve production efficiency.

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