Beverage Bottle Low Speed Bottle Unscrambler

Beverage Bottle Low Speed Bottle Unscrambler

description 1. High speed bottle unscrambler machine is a mechanical and electrical integration of the equipment, easy to operate, easy maintenance, reliable operation. Adopt all English interface touch screen, PLC microcomputer control system, include counting, working parameters setting,...

Purpose of glass bottle unscrambler:

The system adopts an automatic mechanical structure to separate the sacks and empty bottles, which can be directly entered into the bottle washing machine for the beer packaging workshop online, and can be centrally processed in the bottle yard. The separated empty bottles and sacks are separated and loaded into plastic boxes, and then transported Used in various packaging workshops. It has the characteristics of stable operation, reliable performance and strong practicability. It can enable manufacturers to reduce the cost of bottles and the turnover cost of plastic boxes. It is an ideal equipment for the recycling of new and old bottles.





power supply


total power


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