PLC Empty Bottle Unscrambler

Product description 1.Apply to the range: This machine applies to pet bottle for a different bottle (similar bottle size ) one machine. LPJ serial full-automatic bottle unscrambler is the support equipment for the soft beverage filling equipment, applicable for the orderly arrangement of messy...

main features

A) Have got national patent , B) CE certificate, iso9001 certificate. C) Take up small location. D) Do not change the mold, can arrange a different bottle. E) The prices are more competitive than others.

main parameter

Product Name

Automatic Empty Bottle Unscrambler


stainless steel


nickel white

Product Speed (b/h)






Suitable for bottle diameter (mm)




Product description

1. Scope of application:

This machine is suitable for pet feeding bottles, and for another feeding bottle (similar to the size of a feeding bottle).

LPJ series automatic bottle unscrambler is a supporting equipment for soft drink filling equipment, suitable for orderly arrangement of messy PET bottles and transporting them to the production line.

The frame is made of high-quality stainless steel; and other parts, non-toxic and durable materials. The key components used in the electric and pneumatic systems are all well-known brands. The whole process is controlled by PLC, with low machine failure rate and high reliability.

2) Working principle:

Our machine is based on the principle of orthogonal heart rate and eccentricity.

From the bottling bucket, the bottles reach the host through the elevator. During the rotation, due to the eccentric effect, the direction of the bottleneck is the same. The bottle is vertically downward. Then output. This is a working mode of the machine. Since the bottle is vertically downward, the position of the working unit is smaller and the occupied position is smaller. The machine has many working units. All working units output bottles at the same time. So the machine is very fast.

In the market, the working principle of the bottle opener is that the bottle enters the machine horizontally from the inside. When the direction of the bottleneck is different, put the hook in another place and restart the bottle.

Because it is a horizontal mode, a work unit occupies a larger position, and the whole machine has fewer work units. Only one working unit outputs bottles. Therefore, the speed is low. If the speed reaches the A number. The machine work unit needs too much. And the size and weight of the whole machine are very large. Therefore, the cost is high, and generally speaking, water and beverage factories cannot accept it.

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