Ampoule Optical Checking Machine Light Testing Machine

Using Dundar's principle, the concentrated light curtain makes the contrast of the impurity particles strongly enhanced, so that they can be more easily identified.

Product description

Whether all these equipment chains, gears and motors, and transmission parts are likely to have "mechanical hand" missing bodies, they are all shielded packages made of stainless steel 304 or PC material. In addition, there is an Slip clutch, when the main conveyor chain plate, due to possible obstacles greater than the set operating force, so the main conveyor chain plate slips, therefore, this machine does not have carding machine and broken bottles. While reducing product damage, it completely avoids physical damage to operators caused by jammed or broken bottles.

Ampoule Optical Checking MachineAmpoule Optical Checking Machine

Main parameter

Charger:100VAC-240VAC DC12.6V 1000MA

battery: Aluminum Battery 4000MA

Battery continuous use time: 8 hours or so

Probing depth / material: standard 20 meters (optional length of the line) / elastic high strength fiber tube

Camera light source: 12 high-gloss white LEDs (adjustable)

Camera angle: 110 degrees

Camera size / material: 120MM * 23MM / stainless steel

Camera cover size / material: 40MM* 30MM / plastic steel

Camera depth: 400MM (approximately)

Camera image: color

Monitor image: color

Video clarity: HD 700 line

Monitor input voltage: 12V DC

SD card: Standard 4G

Operating temperature: -20-60 degrees

Storage temperature: -30-80 degrees

Aluminum box size: 460MM*360MM*190MM

Packing size: 495MM*450MM*215MM

Net weight: 4.2KG

Gross weight: 4.8KG

Main features

Using the Dundar principle, the centralized light curtain greatly enhances the contrast of foreign particles, so they can be identified more easily.

There are many types of products: solutions, pure water, antibiotics, suspensions, eye drops, diagnostic reagents, lyophilized powder.

Multiple defects can be detected at the same time: particles, impurities, appearance defects of glass containers, microwave cracks.

The combination of adjustable high-efficiency cold light source, reflector and low-power magnifying glass makes the test more effective.

The color of the light source is optional, the illumination is adjustable, and the angle is adjustable to obtain the best viewing effect.

Efficiency: Improve inspection efficiency and reduce operating intensity; focus on product defects.

Wide range of applications: can test ampoules, penicillin bottles, oral liquids, pre-infusion syringes, large infusion bottles, dental syringes, etc.; large inspection range (0.5~1000ml), disturbance and rotation speed can be adjusted to get the best experience.

The advanced electrical automation program control system combined with the man-machine interface makes the operation humanized and the parameter adjustment is convenient.

The number of qualified products, the number of defective products and other statistical records.

The machine is easy to adjust and maintain, and can be connected.

Ampoule Optical Checking Machine

Ampoule Optical Checking Machine

Ampoule Optical Checking Machine

Ampoule Optical Checking Machine

Ampoule Optical Checking Machine

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