Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor

Fix the vacuum hopper onto the hopper of sheet press or packing machine (or other machines) with a ring. In case that the vacuum hopper could not be directly fixed onto the hopper of the material-receiving machine a support could be made for fixing the vacuum hopper.

Product description

The vacuum feeder is a vacuum feeder that uses a pneumatic vacuum pump as the vacuum source. Using this vacuum feeder, materials can be transported directly from the container to the mixer, reactor, silo, tablet press, packaging machine, vibrating screen, granulator, capsule filling machine, wet granulator, dry method Granulator and pulverizer. Using this feeder can reduce the labor intensity of workers, prevent powder pollution, and ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements.

Main parameter


Feeding Volume(kg/h)

Air Consumption(L/min)

Pressure of Supplied Air(Mpa)

























Main features

Fix the vacuum funnel to the funnel of the tablet press or packaging machine (or other machine) with a ring. If the vacuum hopper cannot be directly fixed on the hopper of the material receiver, a bracket can be used to fix the vacuum hopper.

When the goods are delivered, the control box is hung on the vacuum hopper and can be hung in other suitable places according to the working conditions

Insert the AC 220V plug into the power socket, and the time display on the control box is now on, which means that the system is powered on. Note that the power cord must be 3-wire. The control cabinet must be grounded reliably to avoid damage to the control chip due to interference. For the wiring diagram of the control box, see the electrical diagram.

Touch the key to increase/decrease the time. Set the paper feed time to 5-15 seconds, and the discharge time to 6-12 seconds. For powdery materials, the feeding time should be shortened and the discharge time should be set longer; for granular materials, the feeding time and discharge time should be shortened.

Press the "ON / OFF" button to send compressed air into the vacuum generator, generate vacuum in the vacuum hopper and realize the delivery.

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