Security Inspection x ray Machine

Security Inspection x ray Machine

The low temperature constant temperature reaction bath (tank) is a heating, cooling, circulation, stirring function and integrated, can replace dry ice and liquid nitrogen for low temperature reaction, high temperature control accuracy, mainly used for cooling flasks, beakers, test tubes, etc.

Product description

The low temperature constant temperature reaction tank (storage tank) is an integrated device with heating, cooling, circulation and stirring functions. It can replace dry ice and liquid nitrogen for low-temperature reaction, and has high temperature control accuracy.

The network interface can be connected to the local area network, and supports multi-terminal checked luggage, and the safe light transmission under automatic control can avoid fire. It is very simple to operate without the keyboard and the mouse of the workbench, and the mouse control can save space.

It is mainly used for cooling flasks, beakers, test tubes, etc. Conduct low temperature experiments, tests and identifications in scientific research, biology, physics, medicine, chemistry and other departments.

It only takes one step to turn off the machine through the button control. The device automatically shuts down safely, without tedious multi-step operation and simple operation.

When the conditions are met, the sound and light alarm will sound an alarm.

The eagle eye can easily observe the magnified area.

Self-assessment failed. Automatic fault estimation and prompt information facilitate maintenance.

Main features

1. High degree of automation, simple operation, suitable for batch analysis;

2. Meet all the requirements of the national TLC scanner verification rules, and the method is legal;

3. The quantity is accurate, the price is reasonable, and the cost performance is high;

4. All thin-layer quantitative pharmacopoeias and pharmacopoeial methods are preset in the machine and can be called at any time, which is very convenient;

5. ISO9001: 2000 quality assurance system, stable performance and few failures;

6. Has national metrology certification, fully meets relevant requirements, and has no risk;

Main parameter

Spectral region


Wavelength accuracy


Repeatability error



Holographic grating

Light source

Deuterium-tungsten combination light source

Measurement methods

Reflection, fluorescence, absorption

Software environment


Quantitative methods

External standard method, internal standard method, normalization method

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