Fully Automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine

description Bulk caps are transported from storage hopper by lifting device and load to sorting area. Caps are sorted by the centrifugal rotation and enter into selecting device continuously. Accepted caps will keep on going via the special lead rail, and enter into dropping area to wait the...


Once arriving at the specified location, bottle mouth will take on the caps rely on running track contacts. Flexible pressing device will adjust and fit the caps in balance position and keep the function along the bottles enter the screwing area till the end. In the screwing area, 2 pairs of high-speed screwing rubber wheels to lock the caps on the bottles tightly.



Applied bottle height


Applied cap range


Yeild of capping


Power supply


Power consumption


Speed control

frequency conversion adjusting speed

Weight about


Overall dimension


Production capacity




1.Adopt agile module combination, new ideal design, suit to various bottle and cap-rotating.

2.No need to change parts, easily adjust..

3.Easy operation and convenient for maintenance. 4.Three group capping consist of first rotating and re-rotating the degree of moment may be adjusted singly. Ensure that will be tight. The machine has clutch to avoid the cap over- rotating. 5.Two sets of bottle nipping and annular belt structure, Good effect for some bottles erecting unsteadily.

6.Cap arranging part, conveying part, cap-rotating, belt for bottle, nipping, all of speed can be governing separately, which is more utility. 7.Choosing automatic cap-sender and cap hopper.


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