Fully Automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Plastic Bottle Capping Machine

description Bulk caps are transported from storage hopper by lifting device and load to sorting area. Caps are sorted by the centrifugal rotation and enter into selecting device continuously. Accepted caps will keep on going via the special lead rail, and enter into dropping area to wait the...


After reaching the designated position, the bottle mouth will rely on the running track contact to remove the bottle cap. In the tightening area, use 2 pairs of high-speed tightening rubber wheels to lock the bottle cap tightly.

The flexible pressing device can adjust and install the bottle cap in a balanced position, and make the function enter the screw-in area along the bottle to the end. 


Applied bottle height


Applied cap range


Yeild of capping


Power supply


Power consumption


Speed control

frequency conversion adjusting speed

Weight about


Overall dimension


Production capacity



1. Two sets of bottle clamps and ring belt structure have a good effect on some unstable bottles.

2. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

3. No need to replace parts, easy to adjust.

4. The three sets of nuts are composed of the first rotation and the second rotation, and the torque level can be adjusted individually. Make sure to tighten. The machine is equipped with a clutch to avoid excessive rotation of the machine cover.

5. All speeds of bottle cap arrangement part, conveying part, bottle cap rotation, bottle belt and pressure line can be adjusted individually, which is more practical.

6. Adopt flexible module combination, novel and ideal design, suitable for all kinds of bottle cap rotation.

7. Choose automatic cap feeder and hopper.

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