Fully Automatic Pharmaceutical Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Pharmaceutical Bottle Capping Machine

description The full autoamtic capping machine is a new type cap screw machine improved by Shanghai Jiacheng Company recently.The outline og the machine is beautiful and smart.High speed and eligibility ratio.Widely used in different bottle shape cap for food,medicine,chemistry,pesticide and...


This automatic capping machine is a new type of capping machine recently improved by Shanghai Jiacheng Company, with beautiful appearance, intelligence, fast speed and high pass rate. It is widely used in various bottle caps in food, medicine, chemicals, pesticides, etc. Cosmetics, cosmetics and other industries. The four-speed speed-regulating motors are used for capping, bottle clamping, transportation and capping. High degree of robotization and good stability. Easy to adjust. Only need to adjust the machine, without changing the shape and cap of the bottle, the parts can be replaced. It can run automatically with the lid machine.


Cover Size15-70mm
Bottle DiameterΦ35-Φ140mm
Bottle Height38-300mm


1) This is a fully automatic capping machine with advanced intelligent control. Easy to operate. 2) Equipped with cover supply device. Separate the lid, ship and place it on the bottle. 3) Safe operation. The machine can stop automatically when it runs abnormally. 4) It is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, chemical, beverage, beverage, food and other industries, which can greatly improve productivity and product quality. 5) 304 stainless steel used for the main body. Does not rust. 6) Good appearance, can be operated along the production line or used on the production line.

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