Fully Automatic Perfume Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Perfume Bottle Capping Machine

description Bulk caps are transported from storage hopper by lifting device and load to sorting area. Caps are sorted by the centrifugal rotation and enter into selecting device continuously. Accepted caps will keep on going via the special lead rail, and enter into dropping area to wait the...


Bulk bottle caps are transported from the storage hopper by a lifting device and then loaded into the sorting area. The caps are sorted by centrifugal rotation and enter the selection device continuously. Acceptable bottle caps will continue to advance through a special guide rod and enter the drop area to wait for the bottle. The inverted bottle cap adjusts its posture to the upright position and enters the guide rail. Before entering the guide rail, unqualified covers will be rejected by the inspection device.

The bottles are transported by a conveyor belt and clamped by timing belts on both sides. After reaching the designated position, the mouth of the bottle will rely on the contact of the running track to remove the cap. The flexible pressing device can adjust and install the bottle cap in a balanced position, and make the function enter the screw-in area along the bottle to the end. In the tightening area, use 2 pairs of high-speed tightening rubber wheels to lock the bottle cap tightly.

Two sets of detectors are located at the output end of the production line to ensure that no unqualified bottles enter the next station.


Applicable Caps

Common caps, caps with the tamper band, child resistant caps, etc.

Diameter: 15mm-100mm

Applicable Bottles

Round, square and flat square bottles made of plastic.

Diameter of the bottle body diameter ≤100mm.

180mm≥The bottle height≥40mm


50~150 BPM

Power supply and consumption

220V/50HZ  1.2kw





Control System


ComCompressed Air Supply

0.6 Mpa




1. Wide application range, suitable for various types of bottle caps. No need to replace parts.

2. Torque control to ensure the sealing quality. (Optional)

3. The flexible screw wheel provides a more suitable gland strength and greatly reduces the wear of the screw wheel.

4. Intelligent control, the machine automatically stops working when the material is exhausted. Automatic error detection system, alarm for errors. Ensure the stability of equipment operation and improve the accuracy of desiccant filling.

5. Automatic operation, intelligent control program, no need for special operation, saving labor.

6. The operation panel has a Chinese and English menu, which can store 10 groups of parameters, which is easy to adjust and use.

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