Fully Automatic High Speed Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic High Speed Bottle Capping Machine

description The bottle caps neatened by the cap neatening device ,the bottle caps with mouth up are carried to the caps collecting guideway,the bottles come from other equipment of the assembly line enter the caps collecting area.The bottles move ahead with clamping of the two sides clamping...


The bottle cap cleaning device cleans the bottle cap, lifts the bottle cap with the bottle mouth up to the cap collection guide, and the bottles from other equipment of the assembly line enter the cap collection area. The bottle moves forward and clamps both sides. The pressing device automatically matches the cap with the bottle. The bottle cap pressing device compresses the bottle cap to a pre-tightened state before rotating the bottle cap. Under the action of three pairs of high-speed rotating wear-resistant rubber wheels, the cap is closely matched with the bottle.


Applicable bottle shaperound,oblate,square,flat square bottle
Production capacity50~120 bottles per minute
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz1.8kw
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Overall dimension1850×600×1560mm


(1) Strong compatibility, suitable for bottle caps of various sizes.

(2) A pair of bottle cap dropping and wearing devices are suitable for various bottle caps.

(3) Control the tightening torque of capping to ensure the quality of capping (option a)

(4) The balance wheel swings, the strength is more suitable, and the wear of the balance wheel is greatly reduced

(5) No bottle, no cover, no work. After the test, it can wipe off the skew, the inverted cover without aluminum foil, and no cover. With fault self-check function and other check warning control functions to ensure continuity and accuracy

(6) Automatic operation, intelligent control of upper and lower procedures, good coordination. No need for specialized operators, which can save labor costs.

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