Fully Automatic Filling Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Filling Bottle Capping Machine

description This machine is based on the international advanced models to improve the design, fast cap speed, high pass rate, and easy operation.It can be applied to different bottle-shaped screw caps in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, cosmetics and other industries.The four...


This machine is based on the improved design of international advanced models. It has the characteristics of fast cap speed, high qualification rate and easy operation. It can be applied to various bottle screw caps in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, cosmetic and other industries. Four speed-regulating motors are used for bottle cap feeding, bottle clamp, conveying and bottle cap. The machine has high degree of automation, good stability and easy adjustment. When replacing

Bottles or bottle caps do not require any spare parts, and only need to be adjusted (the vibrating device equipped with caps can be automatically fed into the caps). The machine has beautiful appearance, fast cap speed and high qualification rate, suitable for different Bottles-special-shaped bottle caps used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide and other industries.


Heat sealing power(W)


Bottle height(mm)


Application of cap diameter(mm)


Production speed(bottle/min)




Net weight(KG)





1.The machine is novel in design, intelligent in mechanical torque control, andconvenient in operation and adjustment;

2.Adopts 304 stainless steel, in line with GMP requirement; 3. The bottles in the process of forwarding, the vibrating bowl automatically feeding the caps, the caps are automatically tightened by four sets of cap rubbing wheel.The machine can be used independently single ,also can be connected with the other production line; 4.Automatically feeding system has lifting type, swash plate type, vibration type,etc. according to the actual needs of matching. Can be selected according to the actual needs.

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