Fully Automatic Drinks Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Drinks Bottle Capping Machine

description Bulk caps are transported from storage hopper by lifting device and load to sorting area. Caps are sorted by the centrifugal rotation and enter into selecting device continuously. Accepted caps will keep on going via the special lead rail, and enter into dropping area to wait the...


Lift the material cover from the hopper to the sorting area. Through the centrifugal method of cover rotation, continuous access to the selection device. The accepted bottle cap will continue to advance through the special guide rod and enter the descending area to wait for the bottle. The cap that is inverted will adjust to the vertical position and enter the guide rail. Unqualified covers will be rejected by the testing equipment before entering the rail.



max 1kw, AC220V, 50 or 60HZ (depending on customer's requirements)

Bottle Size

Depends on customer’s requirement

Bottle Lid Size

30 to 50mm with diameter

Machine Dimension

L1600 x W850 x H1850 mm;

Machine Weight



1) Automatic sealing machine with advanced intelligent control. Easy to operate.

2) Cover with equipment. The cap is separated, transported and placed on the bottle.

3) Safe operation. The machine can stop automatically when it is not running normally.

4) It is widely used in cosmetics, pharmacy, chemical, beverage, beverage, food and other industries, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

5) The main body is made of 304 stainless steel and does not rust.

6) Good appearance, can be operated along the production line or used in the production line.

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