Digital Display Thermostatic Water Bath

The thermostatic water bath is an auxiliary thermostatic experiment instrument, which is composed of a case, a thermostatic sink and a temperature control device.

Product description

The constant temperature water bath is an auxiliary constant temperature experiment instrument, which is composed of a box, a constant temperature water tank and a temperature control device, which is suitable for evaporation and constant temperature heating in the laboratory.

The thermostat is made of imported stainless steel plate and precision processing technology, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The temperature control device adopts high stability operational amplifier, dual integrated high-precision A/D conversion technology to design far infrared heating technology. The heat balance time is short, and the temperature uniformity is good, not exceeding ±0.5℃. The LED display test data is intuitive and accurate.

Main parameter



Screen number

Double orifice eight columns

Temperature range

Indoor temperature+5~ 99.9℃


Stainless steel liner,ring,cover

Heating power


Temperature fluctuation


Studio size


Main features

1. The constant temperature water bath can be equipped with magnetic stirring, and the stirring speed can be adjusted. (Optional)

2. Fully enclosed compressor unit refrigeration, the refrigeration system has multiple protection functions for overheating and overcurrent.

3. Low temperature and constant temperature experiments can be carried out directly in the cooling box. You can also connect the coolant to other external equipment for cooling experiments.

4. Digital temperature display adopts XMT analog digital PID automatic control system.

5. The bathtub liner is made of 304 stainless steel, clean and hygienic, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

6. The bath is a barrel shape, which is very convenient for stirring. The coilless design inside the tank can be used to make full use of the experimental space in the tank.

7. There is a drain port, which is very easy and convenient to drain or replace the liquid.

8. The equipment is equipped with casters to facilitate movement.

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