Automatic Glass Bottle Capping Machine

Automatic Glass Bottle Capping Machine

description This automatic linear-type capping machine is fully made of stainless steel 304, with the advanced HMI, PLC control and the independent frame, the machine can be used for the capping for round/ square/ flat bottles, and there is no limit for the bottle height. Characteristics The...


1.1 Equipment Overview:


This series of models are developed by our company by introducing advanced foreign high-speed rubbing cap principle and technology and combining with our own production experience for many years. It is an ideal capping equipment for tinplate 3 (4) in beverage, food, health products and other industries;


1.2 structural features and material use:


① The machine is mainly composed of bottle conveying mechanism, capping mechanism, bottle clamping conveying mechanism, rubbing type capping mechanism and electric control mechanism. It has high automation, reasonable design, compact structure and easy operation.


② The use of the rubbing type capping machine has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance and high working efficiency;


③ The machine frame, components and shell are made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum magnesium alloy, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, in line with food hygiene requirements;


④ The main mechanism power supply adopts electronic frequency conversion adjustment motor, the working speed is stepless adjustable, which can adapt to different production rhythm, and users can freely adjust the production speed within the scope of equipment design;


⑤ The distance and height of the capping mechanism can be adjusted quickly, which can adapt to different non-standard bottles and caps;


⑥ The cover delivery mechanism is equipped with photoelectric induction safety protection device, which can control the bottle arrangement mechanism to realize the self-protection function of "no cover startup, no cover delivery when the cover is full". The operation stability and reliability of the equipment are enhanced



220 V 50 / 60 Hz



Air source


Air consumption

< 0.6m3/min

Capping speed

2000-3500 bottles / h

Bottle height 

range up to 150 mm, minimum 65 mm

The maximum diameter

range of bottle is 110mm and the minimum is 40mm

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