Plastic Bottle Cap Assembly Cap Machine

Plastic Bottle cap assembly cap machine Product description Automatic capping machine have one screa head that is control by servo motor.the servo motor controls the rotation action of the bottle cap, and the screw of the bottle cap will not damage the bottle cap.this capping machine is suitable...

 Plastic Bottle cap assembly cap machine


Product description

The automatic bottle cap lining machine can cut aluminum foil rolls into liner paper, and then insert the liner paper into the cap at the same time. The speed is as high as 120 pieces per minute, which avoids artificial pollution and improves production efficiency. 

It is suitable for sealing various nuts, such as lubricating oil and barrels. Wait, it will be automatically sorted and capped, automatically picked up and capped, and finally capped automatically.

  The head of the automatic capping machine is controlled by a servo motor. The servo motor controls the rotation of the cover. The screws of the cover will not damage the cover. It has the ability to run different size caps. 

The operation of the machine is fully automatic, highlighted by the Detal programmable logic controller (PLC), touch screen operator interface terminals, missing aluminum foil cover guides and an alarm system. This bottle cap lining machine helps bottle cap production and will continue to produce for many years.


main features

A. In order to avoid wear during the press-in process.

B. It is suitable for assembling various separable bottle caps produced by injection molding machine.

C. Hinged top cover and bottom cover, fully automatic press is suitable for assembly.

D. PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic, high speed.

E. It is widely used in cosmetics, beverage, chemical, medical, food and other industries, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

F. The machine can be used for a variety of complex separation and double cover combinations.

G. Feed the bottle cap material through the vibrating plate.

H. Strong pertinence, according to the different needs of customers. Satisfy customer satisfaction

I. Easy to maintain and operate.

J. The bottle can be easily replaced in a short time.

K. High efficiency, low failure rate, no secondary pollution, instead of manual capping and low output, saving a lot of human capital for the enterprise.


main parameter







Air pressure





220V 50-60Hz