Automatic Pet Bottle Capping Machine

automatic pet bottle capping machine Product description This machine is a new design automatic capping machine for screwing lid on glass, plastic bottlers or jars. Caps can be plastic, metal, or other meterial.With intelligent PLC& touch screen control system, it works stable and reliable,...

automatic pet bottle capping machine

Product description

This is a new design of the automatic capping machine for capping glass, plastic bottle filling equipment or lids on jars. The cover can be plastic, metal or other materials. 

Equipped with intelligent PLC and touch screen control system, stable and reliable work, easy to operate and maintain, widely used in plastic, glass or metal bottles, food, beverage, processing, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

(1) The capping machine adopts rotary capping. Align the cap and provide it to the cap grabbing area, the cap head with cap is sent to the cap area by compressed air for capping work, and finally the cap is discharged through the conveyor belt.

(2) The back cover can be ejected. (Optional feature)

(3) Synchronous control of the bottle cap inlet

main features

It is very suitable for all kinds of bottle caps, and also very suitable for anti-theft bottle caps. The lid must be firmly grasped and placed correctly. During the operation of the machine, it is harmless to the lid. The machine speed is fast, the sealing qualification rate is high, and the adjustment steps are few, which can reach the international advanced level of similar products.

Bottle mouth, bottle cap classification, bottle cap feeding, bottle cap and bottle mouth are automatically completed.

The height of the conveyor belt is adjustable to align with other machines in the production line.

The sealing pressure can be changed to suit different specifications and cap sizes.

The electrical components are all internationally renowned brands, which can ensure the quality of the machine and its service life, reasonable structure, excellent performance, low noise and environmental friendliness. 

main parameter



Capping speed

Capping speed 20-30bottle/min

Capping range

Bottle height: 50-300mm / Cap dia.: 20-50mm

Capping Torsion


Air pressure


Max. power



220v, 50/60hz

Packing size


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