​Automatic Desktop Electric Capping Machine

Automatic Desktop Electric Capping Machine Product description Capping machine is researched and developed by our company with years of experience, it is unique in domestic .Integrated automatically cap arranging with covering, vacuum capping. Adopted manual vacuum pump to achieve high vacuum....

Automatic Desktop Electric Capping Machine

Product description

The capping machine is our company's many years of research and development experience, which is unique in China. Automatic capping and lamination, integrated vacuum capping. Use a manual vacuum pump to achieve high vacuum.

It is widely used for vacuum sealing of glass jars with iron lids in canned food, beverages, seasonings, health products and other industries.

No bottle or cap function, alarm when there is no cap. Enjoy a high degree of automation. The main pneumatic and electrical components are from world-renowned brands. Has stable and reliable performance.

It is suitable for various bottle cap locking machinery in daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, such as round bottle caps and duckbill caps.

It uses a combination of electric and pneumatic to control movement, has high stability, and can lock locking caps of different shapes and specifications.

The speed can be adjusted, and the tightness can be adjusted according to different bottle caps.

The machine is simple to operate, easy to use and labor-saving.

main features

1. Compact and reasonable structure, strong versatility, wide application range of nut, wide application range.

2. Adjustable torque and flexibility

3. Stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption and high work efficiency

4. Stainless steel material

5. Bottle caps of various shapes and specifications can be rotated

6. Simple control panel, lock time, frequency and interval can be adjusted

7. Tighten the bottle cap, use the capping device, silicone wheel, don't damage the bottle cap

8. Safe positioning device, efficient operation

main parameter

Product name:

Automatic capping machine

Bottle height:


Working pressure:


Packing range:

plastic、metal material and so on

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