Automatic Capping Machine

automatic capping machine Product description Torque magnetic turn table cap-rotating machine is widely used for glass bottle steel caps/screw plastic caps and plastic bottle thread caps . It equips positioning plate for interval running, capped by one , two or three magnetic moment rotating...

automatic capping machine

Product description

Torque magnetic turntable capping machine is widely used for glass bottle steel cap/screw plastic cap and plastic bottle screw cap. It is equipped with positioning plates for interval operation and is covered by one, two or three magnetic moment rotating heads. This machine is practical in the fields of pharmacy, pesticide, chemical industry, food and so on. It is the ideal equipment for real bottle caps. It is also suitable for sealing aluminum caps, anti-theft caps, screw caps, etc.

Rotating disc realizes positioning, convenient specification replacement and large adjustment range.

The position is fixed by the separating plate.

Smooth in and out of bottles, frequency conversion speed regulation, convenient connection

Simple structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

The tightness and tightness of the magnetic moment can be adjusted without damaging the cap

Magnetic moment cap, can be used permanently, easy to adjust torque

Continuous operation, fully automated production, save time and improve efficiency

main features

1. High ratio of cap-feeding and cap-screwing

2. With bottle mouth positioning plate, you can easily change the bottle specifications, with a large adjustment range

3. Convenient and stable bottling, suitable for bottles of various sizes, and easy to connect to the production line.

4. Compact and simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

5. Magnetic moment cap, adjustable tightness, will not damage the bottle and cap.

7. With safety device: stop working after jammed bottle

8. Convenient and easy to adjust the height of the gland head

9. Continuous work and high automation ensure high efficiency.

10. All pneumatic and electrical components can be explosion-proof to ensure safe operation

main parameter

Applied bottle range

Round/ flat/ square bottles/jar/can etc

Suitable cap size



One capping head

Two capping heads


1500~2500 b/h

3000~4500 b/h

Yield of capping


Power supply

380V/220V 50Hz

(according to customer)




Single machine noise





Dimension (mm)



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